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    Grand Rapids, MN Fall Fishing Report 10-27-21

    Crappie Tom Neustrom
    Tom Neustrom with a nice fall crappie caught on a Grand Rapids, MN area lake.

    This week is our final Fall Fishing Report for the Grand Rapids, MN area. Next week is opening of MN Deer Hunting (rifle season). Thanks to Tom Neustrom, owner of professional fishing guide service, MN Fishing Connections, for writing reports for us. Special thanks to Andy Walls, Andy Walls Fishing, for filling in when Tom was not able to provide reports. Look for a getting ready for hard water season middle of November.

    The leaves are falling and frost is on the ground as we wake up in the morning. A sure sign that late fall and winter is right around the corner. As always, animal life is sensing a change is about to happen and especially in the aquatic world, locations of species of fish are changing sometimes daily.

    Panfish are most often the most susceptible to change. They begin to migrate from weed lines to deeper locations before the cold weather sets in for the winter. Many times water temperature is a key factor, but also food is a very important part of their movements. Bloodworms, 2-3 different mayfly type larvae’s are also key ingredients in where panfish can be located in the late fall. Crappies and bluegills many times will occupy the same areas and water columns and mix and match your catch. Small baits in the 1/32 to 1/16th ounce weight will offer the best results .If there is any amount of wind present then add a small split shot 18-20 inches above the bait.

    Dana Hanson from Milaca and Judi Hart from S Lake fall crappies
    Dana Carlson, Milaca and Judi Hart, S Lake caught these nice fall crappies on a Grand Rapids, MN area lake.

    Either a wax worm or soft plastics are excellent choices for bluegills and occasional crappies where a small minnow or soft plastics paly a big part in catch crappies in the same basic area. Light line in the 4 pound category is also an important key to success. Grand Rapids is blessed with a number of excellent panfish lakes. It’s simple to fish multiple lakes in one day that are close to one another .Some of the best ones to try for chances at both big Bluegills and monster Crappies are Pokegama, Big Jay Gould, Little Moose, Big and Little Splithand, Bass in Cohasset, Rice, and Bowstring. All of the mentioned lakes provide great opportunities for late season crappie and bluegill.

    Walleye fishing is still good on area lakes and angling pressure has slid. Many anglers have put their boats away for the season and are getting ready for Deer Season. Some of the better lakes that are still producing walleyes are Big Cutfoot, Moose, Jessie, and Bowstring. Still some time to get out and catch a few nice walleyes as long as the weather holds. Late morning and afternoon seem to be the best times right now with a jig and minnow, and several anglers are trolling Shad Raps after dark and doing quite well. The clock is ticking so get out and enjoy some great late season fishing in the Grand Rapids area.