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Grand Rapids Late Walleye Fall Fishing 10-23-19

This week’s Grand Rapids , MN late fall fishing report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, professional fishing guide, and owner of MN Fishing Connections. “The weather has kept most anglers off the lakes in the Grand Rapids area the last few days, but better conditions are still available and opportunities to catch some fish still exist”-Neustrom.

Walleye fishing has been good on several are lakes and the Mississippi River. The area below the Winnie Dam has been especially good this past 10 days and even the shore fishing in the evening has been good. Anglers casting and retrieving Shad Raps, Husky Jerks, and #11 Rapalas have been providing good action for walleyes. Down river towards Grand Rapids and below the Blandin Dam has also been an opportunity to catch a few walleyes. The current has been stronger therefore heavy jigs in 3/8th or 1/2  ounce may be needed to get to the bottom.   Many times look for pools off to the side of the current breaks for additional opportunities. Many times it’s easier to anchor up above pools and cast down current and slowly retrieve.

Other good walleye locations are Trout and Big Splithand lakes. Depths of 18-20 feet seem to be the best places to try. Pokegama Lake also provides good walleye fishing in the evening hrs trolling shad Raps over flats and near the causeway bridge. Crappie fishing has also been decent as long as the wind calms down some. Duck hunters have been happy with many of the northern ducks with the recent big winds showing up. Lots to do and so short of time.

Now is a good time to book your winter ice fishing trip to Grand Rapids, Minnesota. In Grand Rapids you will find over 1,000 area lakes to catch panfish, walleyes, northerns, musky, and trout. There are many  cozy lodging options: Resorts, Hotels/Motels, B&B, Lake Homes, and Vacation Homes. Book now to ensure you get the ideal dates.