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Grand Rapids Ice Fishing Report 3-3-20

Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections, shares this week’s Grand Rapids area ice fishing report. There is still lots of ice fishing left for the season!

As the winter begins to breathe its final time, some of the best ice fishing is upon us. Its been a tough winter all over north central Minnesota and conditions have been far from favorable. As of late conditions have improved and fisherman are venturing onto lakes that were unreachable most of the ice fishing season.

Justin Wiese, Wheezy Outdoors, catches 8-9 inch bluegills while fishing in the Grand Rapids area.

Panfish are not only the species of choice, but they are also the only thing available except for designated trout lakes, tullibee, whitefish, and eelpout. Everything else is closed to angling until May. As snow and ice begins to melt, there are ice bugs that begin to show up just below the ice and there are times this can be locations especially bluegills will target these small items of food. It’s a phenomenon that occurs on most lakes in late winter just below the ice. Its amazing to replicate your usual tactics and depths and soon by using electronics you are able to detect these panfish just below the ice. Its crucial to be very quiet and sudden movements and loud noises can spook these late season characters.

Little and Big Cutfoot have been good bodies of water to try these late ice tactics. Other lakes that are providing good panfish opportunities have been Bowstring. Pokegama (in the Tioga Bay area), Big Balsam, Little Bowstring, and the Splithands. The smallest of tungsten jigs that sink faster and baited with wax worms, euro larvae, or soft plastics can be just what you need. Soft tip rods like the St. Croix CCI Series and MoJo Ice give you the sensitivity needed for the soft bites that panfish many times will give you. Late ice can be some of the best ice fishing opportunities of the season. With the heat of the sun that has been occulting it’s a great time to be on the ice in the Grand Rapids area.

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