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Grand Rapids Ice Fishing Report 1-22-20

This week’s Grand Rapids Ice Fishing Report is provided by Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections, professional guide service.

Conditions on the lakes in the Grand Rapids area have not changed much, but there are some options that several anglers have come up with. The slush is improving, but still hard to maneuver. Snowmobile and foot travel is recommended on most bodies of water. Several anglers are walking out on area lakes and tip-up fishing close to shore for northern pike and walleyes. The best times to angle with tip ups is early and late in the day for walleyes and during mid day for northern pike. Most often the best way to approach successful areas to tip up fish is starting out with a lake map or with the use of your Humminbird electronics and Lakemaster mapping system you can decide the best options to find the correct areas and break lines to fish. Most often deep breaks connected to points and flats are the best places to set tip ups early and late in the day for walleyes. Set your tip ups with one shallow and one on the break to head off migrating fish. A two to four inch chub, shiner, or sucker minnow fished one to two feet off the bottom will attract walleyes moving through the area. When loading up your tip up reels with line use 40-60 # Suffix 832 braid attached to a swivel and then a four foot section of #10  fluorocarbon leader. Some of the lakes in the Grand Rapids area that are good choices for walking shoreline spots are Pokegama, Deer, Moose, Big Splithand, and Trout lakes are all primes locations for good opportunities to catch walleyes early and late in the day.

Tip ups for northern pike are similar except for better mid day options. Most often preferably look for weed beds and rock piles near shore which are better locations for northern pike. I like to used a leader of 30 to 40 # mono as not to get bit off as opposed to lighter leaders we use on tip ups for walleyes. Again I like flats with weeds located near deep water and set your tip ups in a some what route. Four to eight in suckers or large shiners are good baits for pike tip ups. Change your tip up locations about every 30 minutes to an hour. Some of the better lakes in the area for nice northern pike are Wabana, Pokegama, Spider, Big Splithand, and Trout. Careful mapping locations on where to set tip ups are key to success and can produce trophy fish of both species.

Justin Wiese, Wheezy Outdoors Guide Service

There are also options for Lake Trout in the Grand Rapids area and contacting bait shops like 1000 Lakes in Grand Rapids can make your choice of lakes a lot easier. Talk to Grant, Andy, Mark or Michael and they will advise you of your best options and the baits to use.

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