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Grand Rapids Ice Fishing 1-8-20

This week’s Grand Rapids Ice Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, professional fishing guide and owner of MN Fishing Connections.

Ice conditions haven’t changed much from last week, but with the colder weather approaching the conditions will improve. Currently the best way of travel is walking on the lake ling a sled, or on some of the smaller lakes there is snowmobile traffic to get to ice fishing locations. Check your shorelines before venturing out to see that there is not a combination of slush and water. Ice conditions can vary from lake to lake and it seems that the small panfish lakes have better ice than our larger walleye lakes.

Most anglers are doing well fishing break lines and structure closer to shore. Make sure you tell someone where you are intending to go fishing before you go.

Right now, I would say 4 lb. test on a light action rod and small tungsten jigs seem to be the best presentation for jumbo perch, crappies and bluegills. There really isn’t a reason to move around too much. But a few of the lakes that are producing are Bass Lake (N of Cohasset), small lakes north of Grand Rapids (Little Bowstring (NE of Deer River), and several of the small lakes in the Suomi area. Food travel is recommended, and these can be very good locations to catch panfish.

Pay attention to your electronics and drill approx. 6-8 holes in a general area and then hole hop those specific holes you drilled in search of crappies and bluegills. There is some nice perch avail in areas of Jay Gould near the landing, it is not advisable to venture out too far because of the slush. Be patient, things will improve with colder weather, and anglers will be able to access additional spots.

Another tip is to check with area bait shops, like Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods for lake conditions before venturing out.

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