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Grand Rapids Fishing Report September 2, 2020

This week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, professional fishing guide and owner of MN Fishing Connections. If you are looking for a memorable fall fishing trip, give Tom a call at 218-259-2628.

The cooler nights are definitely signaling changes are happening below the surface of the lakes in the Grand Rapids area. The water temperatures are dropping slowly and it already is changing the mood of wildlife. Flocks of young geese are trying out their flying routines and formations every day, even twice a day. Loons are starting to group up awaiting the signal for their departure leaving their young birds to fend for themselves.

The walleye fishing has been good on several area lakes and the jig and minnow bite has been getting better by the day.  Deeper weed lines, rock piles, gravel bars are all holding walleyes on area lakes. Fish an 1/8th ounce jig and fathead or shiner and if the wind blows a little hard bump up to a ¼ ounce to help with depth management. Lately we have found pods of fish and cast to them using the spot lock on the Minnkota Ulterra to stay in place and fan cast the area. When the bite stops, we just unlock and move to another area. It sure beats anchoring countless times. Give it a try next time you’re out on the hunt for walleyes.Big Winnie, the mouth of Little Winnie where the river dumps in, Moose, Bowstring, and Round lakes have all been producing walleyes.

Northern Pike have also been active and are in some of the same areas the walleyes have been. Kind of an added bonus fish and there have been some pretty hefty ones caught of late. If you want to catch poke in the same areas put a two foot section of 17# test Fluorocarbon ahead of your jig so you don’t get bit off as much. For table fare, Northern Pike are terrific. I had some blackened pike recently with a tad of melted butter and it was awesome.

Panfish are also starting to show up in fall patterns and will only get better as the water continues to cool. There isn’t anywhere in Minnesota tjat offers the variety of fishing and outdoor activities that Grand Rapids does. Fall is on your doorstep so its time to think of a visit.

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