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Grand Rapids Fishing Report by Tom Neustrom

This week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report by Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections guide serivce.

The summer keeps rolling along and as we turn the page on another month in the Grand Rapids area and the fishing for several species has been good. With the warmer water temperatures weed line fishing still remains strong and their dominance explains why the deeper water spots sometimes get don’t contain the species we are looking for. Spinners and night crawlers still continue to be strong producers on area lakes. Walleyes particularly have been active in shallow water and especially where the clarity is darker or algae bloom is present. Several lakes in the Grand Rapids area have been producing walleyes in shallow cover. Bowstring, Splithand, and Big Balsam to mention a few.

The pan fishing for crappies and bluegills has been very good and they too seem to be preferring weedy areas as opposed to  deeper drop-offs. Bass Lake in Cohasset has been a producer of trophy sunfish and bluegills foever and that is why there is a 5 fish per day limit as to protect some of the big gills to be over harvested. Other good bluegill and sunfish destinations are Pokegama, Buck, Balsam, Wabana, and Little Cutfoot.

The northern pike fishing on area lakes has also been very good. With the new sate wide slot and possession limit of 10 with a protected slot of 22-26 inches, anglers are have good success keeping enough fish to clean and eat. Spoons, over weed beds and in line spinners fished quickly can turn the trick. Big and Little Winnie, Round, Sand, Spider and several area lakes in the Grand Rapids area will produce northern pike consistently, Learn to take the Y bone out and they are a great eating fish. If you want to try something different, try blackening or grilling pike. They will challenge your taste buds and have you wanting more .

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