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    Grand Rapids Fishing Report August 3, 2021

    Crappie Renee Neustrom Aug 2021
    Renee Neustrom with a nice crappie caught on a Grand Rapids area lake.

    The weather has changed things slightly but the fish are still biting. The storms affected different species in different ways, but all and all fishing is still been good.

    Walleyes continue to bite on area lakes and the shallow bite has been the best locations on area lakes to try. Depths of 6-12 feet seem to be preferred and forage and oxygen are key ingredients in their location. With the warmer than normal water conditions and low water, there is less current and flow which on certain lakes can force walleyes into the shallows for comfort and food. Shallow running crankbaits, spinners with a half crawler or chub, even a jig and plastic has been turning walleyes in shallow water. Another location that needs to be checked are shallow rock piles especially for big perch and walleyes. Small crayfish, approximately 1-2 inch in size are al over these locations and both species are cruising these spots in search of these tasty morsels. A small jig and chub or shiner can be a great attractants or a jig and crayfish pattern plastic can turn fish as well. Some of the lakes in the area that need trying these methods are Big Splithand, Pokegama, Deer, Bowstring and Jessie. All of the mentioned lakes have the habitat mentioned and will provide opportunities to catch walleyes and big perch.

    Crappies are becoming active on deep weedlines and just a bit deeper on soft bottom/mud areas of area lakes. Depths of 8-12 feet have been producing nice fish and this will continue for the next several weeks. Use your electronics to find fish on the bottom to up a couple feet. Trolling spinners with a small chub or casting small jigs with an action tail plastic or minnow can produce crappies with consistency. Some of the lakes in the Grand Rapids area that will produce crappies right now are Little Splithand, Little Moose, Bowstring, Loon, Bass and Dunbar. Give it a try and you will be impressed with your results. Make sure you check the 2021 Regulation book to make sure there were no changes in the limit on crappies and sunfish.