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Grand Rapids Fishing Report 7-1-20

Today’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of professional fishing guide service, MN Fishing Connections. Tom is an inductee of the MN Fishing Hall of Fame and the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

Father’s Day has come and gone and for many it was certainly different. For several of the Grand Parents it’s a time to share special moments while introducing them to fishing and catching fish.

Tom Neustrom with Grandson, Kingston Sain (age 21/2 yrs old) were fishing together and caught this nice sunfish.

We all started out catching perch and sunnies and wanted the little people to catch something that will carry on hopefully to other species as they move on in age. I have guided for many parents and grandparents over the years with youngsters from ages 7-10 and they have been some of the most enjoyable trips I have had the pleasure to take.

For many its watching a bobber disappear below the surface to have a hungry small perch or sunfish gobble up the piece of worm and reel in a special fish, maybe for the first time. We as anglers many times don’t understand the special moment it truly is for that first fish.

Going back in time it was some of the best moments of my life catching small fish that were bigger than life. Always wanting to be a fisherman, it was the guidance that my father gave me and the patience he took to take me fishing and build that inner interest in the sport I now love and the passion my Dad had for fishing. Taking the time to teach me the respect and techniques I needed to get better and listening and watching was my entrance to a lifelong dream.

Many young people, whether it’s your grandson, granddaughter, son or daughter, or a niece or nephew, or even a young person that lives nearby, it’s a very special moment when that bobber goes down and a fish no matter the size comes to the boat. Smiles as big as all outdoors is as descriptive as words could say and a memory is etched forever and compared maybe to your start in fishing.

Ten years ago I took a young man under my wing and he is now an accomplished tournament bass angler. Never turn your head away from a young fisherman that wants to be just like you. I want to be around for years to come and be able to give my grandson the tools he will need to be an accomplished angler.

Some of the lakes in the Grand Rapids area that are easy locations to visit for good opportunities from panfish are Pokegama Lake(Tioga Bay, Myers Bay, Salter Bay), Trout Lake, Little Splithand, Little Moose, Rice Lake, and Jay Gould. Take the time to fish with a youngster and you will have a fishing friend for life.

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