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Grand Rapids Fishing Report 6-24-20

Tom Neustrom with Grandson, Kingston Sain (age 21/2 yrs old) were fishing together and caught this nice sunfish.

This weeks (6-24-20) Grand Rapids MN Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of professional guide service: MN Fishing Connections.

The summer bite is on and there are several species that have taken it up a notch. Walleyes are a super important fish to the Grand Rapids area, but move over, there’s another species in town that continues to draw countless anglers from all over the country and that’s BASS. Both species of bass, largemouth and smallmouth, have drawn and attracted angler because of the outstanding opportunities that have been provided when coming to the Grand Rapids and Itasca county lakes. Hundreds of lakes and including the Mississippi River provide some of the best bass fishing in Minnesota. Lakes
like Pokegama, Wabana, Rice, Trout, and Big Balsam are just a few of the lakes that provide terrific angling opportunities for both species.

There are multiple presentations that will catch bass from shoreline and docks to rockpiles and other off-shore structures from spinner baits, to crank baits, to plastic worms, to drop shot, to jigs, to surface baits of a number of sounds and descriptions. Whether you prefer bait casting or spinning there are presentations that will work for your success. Weed edges and throwing to targets are a sensation when a bass comes aggressively chasing your bait. There is nothing more descriptive and reactive then a bass of both species exploding on a surface bait and creating havoc.

Many anglers will rise up early or stay late in the day or early evening to have a chance at the opportunity to catch big bass. But make no mistake you can catch these hard pulling fish anytime day or night. For smaller baits, spinning is your best choice with 8-10 pound test mono or braid with a fluorocarbon leader. For bigger baits, bait caster reels with higher speed retrieves are the better choice with braid or mono in the 14-20 pound range. Good advice on where to go and the tackle to have aboard is Thousand Lakes Sports in Grand Rapids.


Andy Walls and daughter, Ellie, caught this nice smallmouth bass on a Grand Rapids, MN area lake.

Andy Walls is a bass fishing expert and seasoned bass tournament champion and angler. He will help you through all your questions and steer you on the right direction. Bass fishing is very popular across the entire country and
Grand Rapids has some of the best within a 50 mile radius. Many tournament sponsors are seeking out the richness of what we have to offer and will continue to be interested in coming to Grand Rapids in the future.

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