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Grand Rapids Fishing Report 5-2-18

Tom Neustrom, owner of professional guide service, MN Fishing Connections.

This week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of professional guide service, MN Fishing Connections.

The ice conditions are improving currently and there is a strong chance the ice will be gone on the majority of lakes in the Grand Rapids area by mid week, just before the May 12th opener. The Fishing Opener is a tradition and folks from everywhere in Minnesota and adjoining states migrate to the north in search of walleyes and other species.

The walleye fishing takes center stage and a quick phone call to bait shops and resorts in the Grand Rapids area can give you up to the minute status. Shiners, one of the preferred baits for the thousands of walleye anglers may not be as plentiful because of the late ice out, but the bait dealers sometime perform a kind of magic that provide the bait needed for opener.

Andy Walls, Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods, early season crappie.

Another species that is always available early in the season is crappies. Not in their spawning ritual quite yet, crappies get in shallow mud bottom bays that seem to warm up where they are in search of food sources such as small minnows and bug larvae. Old bull rushes and shoreline brush in the water can be key places to try. A small jig and minnow or soft plastic under a float is about all you need. Keep moving until you find a few fish to bite. Things are about ready to bust loose and another fishing opener is upon us. Enjoy what Mother Nature gives us and good luck.

Right now is the time to book your Fishing Trip. Grand Rapids, Minnesota is the place that is surrounded by a thousand lakes to fish, trails to recreate on, great lodging accommodations, and a wide variety of restaurants. If you have never been to the Grand Rapids, MN area, you really need to consider!

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