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Grand Rapids Fall Fishing Report 10-14-20

This week’s Grand Rapids Fall Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections. It is never too early to book open water fishing for 2021 with Tom!

The weather is about to change for many Minnesotans and as always the open water season is slowly coming down to the stretch run. Water temperatures are still in the low 50’s, but they should continue to drop in the next few days. Fall turnover has and is occurring on area lakes and that will effect fishing somewhat depending on where turnover has happened. Smaller lakes and larger shallower ones are effected first followed by deeper, clearer ones last. It usually effects a body of water for 2-3days. Downsize your baits somewhat during the turnover for better chances of getting bit.

Walleyes are still biting on area lakes and I look for that to continue all the way to ice up. Big Cutfoot, Winnie, Trout, and the Mississippi River have all been good choices for walleyes with Mooneye Jigs and a minnow.

Crappies have started to move into their late fall and pre-winter locations and will provide consistent action when locating schools with your electronics. Small jigs with a minnow or plastics are the ticket. We like a #5 Jigging Rap also for active fish. Windy days can spell tough conditions when chasing schools this time of year, so Spot Loc on your Minnkota Terrova, Ulterra, or Ultrex is imperative for staying over the top of the fish when located.

True Musky anglers are chomping at the bit for these major weather changes and lakes that contain whitefish and tullibees are prime locations for hungry and aggressive Muskies. Shallow rock areas that are spawning grounds for whitefish and tullibees can be areas to target for a fish of a lifetime. Large Jerk Baits, Crank Baits and Swim Baits are good baits to try especially near transition areas from deep water to rock and gravel. These are most often prime locations that will attract Muskies in the fall. Keep a large Sucker minnow hooked and in you live well in case you raise a big fish that refused strike your artificial.

Stop in at 1000 Lakes Sports in Grand Rapids and talk to Andy, Grant, Mark or Michael for the proper way to hook extra large suckers. They are the best sources in Grand Rapids to discuss musky fishing with. Many more ducks are moving into the Grand Rapids area and look for the duck hunting to get very good soon. With the majority of leaves down, grouse hunting will get better and better with improved visuals an opportunity to see more birds. Time is a wasting so get out and enjoy the late fishing and bird hunting opportunities we have to offer.

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