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Grand Rapids 2020 MN Fishing Opener Fishing Report

The Grand Rapids 2020 MN Fishing Opener Fishing Report is provided by Tom Neustrom, professional fishing guide and fishing industry representative. Right now guide services are closed until May 18th due to “Stay At Home” order by Governor Walz, Executive Order. You can still book your fishing guide services with Tom now to ensure you have a memorable fishing trip experience this year. Check out MN Fishing Connections and Northern Drift Outfitters professional guide services.

Tom Neustrom with a nice walleye from a previous year.

Realistically everyone should be ready to” Rock and Roll” this weekend for the 2020 MN Fishing Opener. The Ice has been out for a couple weeks and on most bodies of water the walleyes are about done spawning. They will occupy the post spawn locations and most often the smaller males will be active. Most of the time they will be shallow with an appetite from the spring spawning event.

Pitching 1/8 th ounce jigs and a shiner or a chub is most often the best presentation to put walleyes on the end of your line. Mane times when the bite is slow, drift or slowly troll a minnow on a plain hook with a split shot 24-30 inches above the hook, If conditions become flat calm, many times I will switch to a 1/16th ounce jig and cast and retrieve at a snails pace. The bite can be subtle with just weight on the end of your line or the walleye will grab the bait and swim sideways. A good firm set will hook you up and then it’s “Game On”. Color of jigs can vary from lake to lake, but I think water clarity is a key factor. For stained water I prefer something with a bit of orange or glow red. In clearer water I like shades of light green or blue which can somewhat compare to the forage available. In the evening just before dark, try trolling crank baits in depths of 8-12 feet and at 1.75 to 2.5 mph. This can be a great way to contact feeding walleyes with a different approach.

Some of the area lakes in the Grand Rapids area to try on the Opener would be Big and Little Splithand, Big Winnie, Big and Little Cutfoot, Jessie, Wabana, and the Mississippi River. All of these mentioned bodies of water will give you opportunities to put walleyes in the boat.

Tom Neustrom with nice early season crappie from this year, on a Grand Rapids area lake.

Crappies have moved into the shallows and will provide anglers with additional options. With the cooler water temperature, crappies will be in shallow bays near old pencil reeds. S small jig underneath a float with a minnow or action tail will be all you need. Keep moving until you find an active pod of fish then “Talon Down” to stay in place. Many lakes on the Grand Rapids area offer excellent crappie fish and if the walleyes aren’t biting they are a great alternative. Good luck on the Opener and the days to follow and make sure you practice social distancing at boat landings and resorts. Good luck and be safe.


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