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    fishing for walleyes

    Fishing for Walleyes, Crappies and Northern

    Grand Rapids Fishing Report by Tom Neustrom

    This week Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections professional guide services, shares tips and techniques on fishing for walleyes, panfish and northerns. Delivery Systems, we are not talking the U.S. Mail, are an important part of every angler’s arsenal of presentations. It doesn’t matter the species, but everything is different or is it? What ever fish you are chasing in the Grand Rapids area, big or small, specific size and types of baits are all important.

    As the season progresses many examples of food sources become evident. Early in the season after ice out moving into and past the post spawn time table, smaller baits seem to be the choices because of availability. Smaller minnows and tiny grub morsels are rather standard early on. As the season moves on into early summer and current conditions choices and size of food changes. Walleyes and most predatory species such as northern pike and bass prefer minnows as a steady diet moving into summer. The minnow type forage most often consists of small perch, shiners, chubs, and suckers. The size may vary but these most often are what is out there for them to pursue. Bass may slightly change their food choice to crayfish when available, but make no mistake they too are opportunistic to feed on anything they feel is a meal. They are also very susceptible to feeding on young bluegills and will be around those areas as feeding stations.

    Fishing For Walleyes

    fishing for walleyes

    Tom shares his tips and techniques for mid-summer fishing for walleyes in the greater Grand Rapids, MN area. Walleyes are a creature of difference from bass. They roam far more in search of food and can adapt to many different food choices. Walleyes primary food choices are young of the year perch and other minnows of all types and can adapt. Jig and minnow, spinners and a minnow or half a crawler, leeches on a slip sinker rig, slip bobber and a leech are just perfect examples of delivery systems that will put walleyes in the boat all through the season leading into fall. Spinners with a medium chub or small shiner are particularly effective when moving and seeking active walleyes. This method is very active when the water is a bit turbid and there is a significant cabbage weed growth. Speed is very important and moving at 1.25 to 1.50 id critical to consistent success. Most often a bullet head weight of 1/8th to 3/16th is modeled to slip through the weeds efficiently.

    Many lakes in the Grand Rapids area can provide good walleye action all through the season. Pokegama, Trout, Deer, Moose, Bowstring and Big Winnie are sure bets to put walleyes in the boat using some of the above methods.


    Fishing For Panfish

    fishing for panfish

    Panfish are set up in their summer patterns and weed edges and types of weeds are essential in finding multiple Bluegills and Crappies. They have all the cover needed for their existence and food choices abound. Both are notorious bug, larvae and small minnow eaters and the weeds beds are to their liking to finding all of the above. They very seldom stray too far from weeds because of shelter and good food choices.  Good weed growth can also provide excellent protection from predators such as pike and bass. Many times if you find one bluegill or crappie there will be others in the neighborhood. A small jig and piece of worm or waxie will attract even the fussiest of fish to bite. A slip bobber or fixed float to keep the bait above the weeds is sometimes the best option. A fixed float is many times very helpful when there is unwanted wind. Small jigs and plastics will work easily as well and many times can be even better than live bait. Light line and a soft action rod is crucial fishing panfish as not to pull the hook away. St. Croix makes a series of Panfish rods that are the best for these situations.

    Fishing for Northerns

    fishing for northerns

    Northern pike are less of a finicky nature when it comes to finding them and catching. They are kind of the bully in the water shed and are always looking for a fight. They can be caught a number of different ways. Many anglers prefer trolling lures such as spoons, crankbaits, and large spinners. Even a jig and minnow is a great choice. They are found in many areas of the lake and especially around weed beds, rock piles, timber and other structures. Their total target is food and will strike at anything that looks like food. Many lakes in the Grand Rapids area provide excellent northern pike fishing. Just a few are Swan, Trout, Pokegama, Splithand, Bowstring and Sand.

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    There is plenty going on in the world of fishing for multiple species right now so get out and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Make sure that you have reviewed and understand the MN Fishing Regulations and Boating Safety before you head out on any Minnesota water to fish.

    If you are coming here to fish, but maybe your friends and family is tagging along, and they don’t fish? No worries, check out Grand Rapids Things To Do or Grand Rapids Events. There is always things to do and see in the greater Grand Rapids, Minnesota area. And, there are things to do for all age levels from kids to Grandparents. But sometimes it is just relaxing by the lake! Stay safe on the water and enjoy!