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Fall Walleyes and Crappies in Grand Rapids

Fall has arrived and there is so much activity in the woods and lakes. The colors are about to bust out and the fishing for walleyes and crappies has been very good. On many of the Grand Rapids area lakes the walleyes are being taken in the shallow water in depths of 8-12 feet. Food, such as small bait fish, are shallower driving walleyes to pursue a quick meal. Many times paying attention to birds such as terns, gulls, and loons can be an important observations where bait fish are located. Walleyes and perch are most often in the mix and a jig and minnow can be your best presentation. Wind swept points and inside turns of weed beds are key spots to fish. Keep moving until you find active fish.

On many area lakes the fall crappie fishing is in full swing. When water temperatures cool it signals the migration of crappies slowly seeking food sources that will carry them through the winter. Blood worms that are found in soft bottom deeper basins are key to crappie location in the fall and into the winter. Using your electronics is key to finding crappies in the fall and their locations can change during the day. Many times they will start out in the morning on or near the bottom. As the day extends into late morning crappies will suspend 2-6 feet from the bottom depending on the depth Getting your bait down to the fish can be a challenge and adjusting the weight of your jig can be key. Since crappies tend to feed up, make sure your presentation is slightly above the schools and not below them. Four to six pound test will allow your jig to sink quicker and get to the fish with less drag.

All aspects of wildlife sense there are changes happening each day and they are on the move. Migrating birds are an everyday sight and its rather cool to see so many different ducks, geese, and swans flying and I too know its time to prepare for the cold period we all live in.

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