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Fall Fishing in Full Swing in Grand Rapids MN

Tom Neustrom, Professional fishing industry guide.

Tom Neustrom shares this week’s Fall Fishing Report for the Grand Rapids MN area.

The fall fishing season is in full swing and the water temperatures are starting to drop. All of this makes for beneficial times to be fishing. All species right now seem to be feeding often and the chances of catching trophy fish this time year becomes a real possibility. When the waters temperatures drop approximately 4-6 degrees more look for the walleyes to move shallower in search of food. The jig and minnow bite will be predominate and keep moving until you find active fish. Wind swept points and inside turns are going to be places for you to concentrate looking for walleyes.

Pan fish have already started to move to their fall locations. Crappies and bluegills have been very active of late on area lakes. When available, depths of 18-22’ have been prime locations to find schools of crappies. Sunfish and bluegills have been on the outside deep weed lines. Use your electronics and you will be able to find these schools of fish. Use the small jig and minnow for crappies or a small spoon or jig with a wax worm for sunfish and bluegills. They too will be moving quite frequently during the day so don’t stay in one specific spot if you aren’t catching fish anymore. Keep moving until you find them again, and then make note of exactly which directions they were going to help you find them again.

The bass fishing for both largemouth and smallmouth will continue to be good, but as soon as the water continues to cool, the largemouth will be located in deeper weed lines rather than shoreline structures. Smallmouth bass will also be deeper, but when the water temperatures get into the 50s later on in the fall, look for the smallmouth to make movements to rocks which absorb sunlight and attract bait fish and crayfish. These are predominate food sources for smallmouth bass, especially in the cooler water temperatures.

There is still a lot of time to come up and enjoy the fall fishing and the colors will be spectacular.

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