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Grand Rapids Fall Fishing Report

This week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report is presented by Tom Neustrom, owner of professional fishing guide service, MN Fishing Connections. “Minnesota is such an amazing place to live and the seasons changing can steal your breath away. The leaves are starting to turn and animal life above and below the surface of water sense that changes are coming in the environment. Young geese are practicing their flying techniques and young of the year ducks are readying themselves for their up and coming journey South,” shares Tom.
Below the surface of the water species of fish are also sensing that change is on the horizon with water temperatures dropping daily. Many lakes in the Grand Rapids area are transforming into the early fall positioning of crappies, walleyes, bass, and other species that dictate the cold water period is soon.

Renee Neustrom shows off her nice fall crappie caught on a Grand Rapids area lake.

The crappies have begun there fall migration to deeper water where food is abundant and their pre-winter locations are not far. Lakes like Big and Little Splithand, Cutfoot, Jay Gould, and Spider are prime examples of lakes that have good populations of crappies that are starting to move deeper into fall locations. They most often will feed on grubs and daphnia that are found in these locations. A small 1/16th to 1/8th ounce jig and a small chub or plastic will put crappies in the boat most often vertically jigged beneath the boat. Electronics are key to finding these schools of fish and the with the Minnkota Bow Mounts with Spot Loc can sit right on top of the fish.
Bluegills also are moving off shore and will develop similar patterns but most often not quite as deep.  A small jig and wax worm or plastic can be just what is needed to catch a nice mess of Gills. Light tackle is a must with ultra lite rods and 4# test monofilament line on your reel for either species. Fall is a great time of the year to catch crappies and bluegills. Give it a try in the Grand Rapids area and you can’t go wrong.