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Women With Attitude Art Show

Join us for a rare public gallery by local artist Tom Page. “Women with Attitude” is a series of portraits of women, all of whom exhibit their own form of “attitude,” a term Page himself admits to be amorphous.

“I don’t know what my original expectations were: women with prison ‘tats,’ hair on fire, female motorcycle gang members, female escapees from Fire Island? Not sure,” said Page in his artist statement.

The end result is meant to be one of honesty and subjectivity, where each model simply brought themselves forward as they saw fit for Page to capture.

“I had processed the general meaning of attitude, how it applies to all genders and sexes, how we all have one, positive, negative, or somewhere in between and how it can quickly change,” said Page.

In addition to an artists talk at 4 p.m., many of the actual models will be present and speaking as well.


Jun 01 2024


2:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Klockow Brewing Company
36 SE 10th St, Grand Rapids, MN 55744