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PK Mayo at Unwined Up North

PK Mayo playing at Unwined Up North

Lyrics for Simple Search for Truth

REVIEW FROM BILL BENTLEY & PK Mayo, Simple Search for Truth How is it earthly possible to find new truths in the blues, no matter how ancient or modern it’s played. It’s like a puzzle without a solution, but there are those who still find a way to make that music of reality come alive. PK Mayo is one of them. Born in the Minnesota mining town of Eveleth, Mayo got on the guitar train early and has stayed there, focusing on blues as the bedrock foundation while he puts his own muscular spin on it. Luckily, the guitarist knows where to take the sound from there, and when he goes spiraling off on solos they always go to a new place. Still, the core of what PK Mayo is really all about on his new release is songwriting. No matter where the guitar goes, it has to go on the strength of the songs or it can end up like someone practicing. And Mayo’s music always has a deluxe destination. Whether it’s “Levee of Lies,” “Truth,” “Road of Love” or “Solace,” this new release is obviously one where everything waited until the songs were truly ready. Then Mayo and co-producer Christopher Furst took a stellar trio into Studio 65 in Ham Lake, Minnesota and recorded the album the musician has likely been waiting his whole life to make. In many ways it’s obvious the search for the truth can take awhile, but once it’s found it’s found for good. Extra Mayo please.


Oct 21 2023


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


UnWined Up North
304 N Pokegama Ave, Grand Rapids, MN 55744