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    Fishing Electronics while night fishing grand rapids mn area lake

    Your Electronics Are Key To Finding Walleyes

    Your Electronics Are Key To Finding Walleyes

    Grand Rapids Fishing Report: Electronics Are Key

    Tom Neustrom shares this week’s fishing report which highlights that your electronics are key to finding walleyes in the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area. The weather this season has certainly changed conditions from last year. One thing for sure the walleye fishing has been better than ever on several area lakes. Low water made it tough last year and this season that has not been the issue. Water levels are high and unseasonably cool with warm weather just around the corner it is a needed recipe for continued good fishing, and remember that your electronics are key to finding walleyes.

    Bait Systems to Try

    With the conditions as they are, the jig and minnow bite has continued to be the bait of choice with some anglers doing well with leeches and rigs. Paying attention to location where you are fishing can be crucial to success, this is where your electronics are key to finding walleyes. As the water warms, walleyes will start to occupy their summer locations. The best scenario to this is where you find walleyes yesterday may not be there tomorrow. Food is always the driving force of their location and their diet can change and opportunity will allow them to feed on a couple different food sources. Small perch, shiners, and sculpins are walleyes main minnow diet in the minnow category, but there also is another choice in their diet they will take advantage of grubs that live in the soft bottoms of the majority of good walleye lakes. This can also trigger a change in presentations that successful walleye anglers will use. 

    Leeches, crawlers, and minnows fished on spinner rigs and slip sinker rigs can make a difference. Deeper off shore locations can also be detected as prime locations especially as water temperatures warm. Trolling crank baits in the morning and evening hours can also be beneficial to contact active fish. Northland Rumble Shiner or Shad are good choices for trolling in depths of 8-15 feet. Ten pound Sufix 832 Braid does a great job of baits running true and straight with no stretch and immediate hook setting. Paying attention to lip size on crankbaits will only enhance the depth and proper presentation when trolling. Speed is also important and running at 1.75 to 2.50 mph are proper speeds to get baits down to their optimum depth.

    Fishing Electronics while night fishing grand rapids mn area lake Electronics Are Key

    Your electronics are key to finding walleyes that have started to migrate away from their spawning grounds to deeper water. There are walleyes that will stay shallow all season and especially when weed growth begins to form and stays, providing food and shade. It’s not to say that all sizes will stay shallow, but smaller walleyes, the size anglers will seek for eating will be more available.

    Some of the lakes that continue to provide good walleye fishing are Big Jessie, Bowstring, Big Winnie, Deer, Round, and Wabana. Other lakes to take notice are Big Splithand, Trout, and Pokegama. Make sure that you know the Fishing Regulations for the lakes you are fishing by reviewing the MN DNR website HERE. If you have not found overnight lodging for your Grand Rapids, Minnesota Fishing Trip take a look at the wide variety of Grand Rapids Lodging that are available.

    About Tom Neustrom: Tom is an inductee of the MN Fishing Hall of Fame and the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. He owns the professional fishing guide service called MN Fishing Connections. Tom is the Outdoor Consultant for Visit Grand Rapids. Contact Tom to book a guided fishing trip to ensure a memorable fishing vacation to the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area HERE.