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Come Fish Walleyes, Northerns & Bass in Grand Rapids MN

Grant Prokop, owner of Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods and his nephew B’nai caught a nice walleye on a Grand Rapids, MN area lake.

Tom Neustrom shares his weekly fishing report that highlights fishing for Walleyes, Northerns and Bass on the Grand Rapids MN area lakes. “Typically this time of year there is a phenomenon that takes place and many times we don’t dial into,” shares Neustrom. Neustrom has been inducted into the MN Fishing Hall of Fame as well as the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. He owns a professional fishing guide service called, MN Fishing Connections. He also is a professional fishing industry representative for many companies. Neustrom shares that he is “proud to be a part of the professional fishing industry and looks forward to sharing his fishing knowledge with new customers each and every year”.

Wildwood Resort guest caught a nice walleye this summer while visiting on Bass Lake.

Walleyes will adapt to several different types of forage to feed their quest for food. For many anglers identifying these sources can be a struggle. When crayfish shed their shells in the middle of summer, walleyes dial into this and come around to feed on these slow moving morsels. It doesn’t happen on every body of water, but on many of the lakes in the Grand Rapids area this occurs. Pokegama. Deer, Moose, Trout, Wabana, and Big Winnie. Mixtures of rocks and weeds usually will draw crayfish and walleyes to these locations. Several different presentations will put walleyes in the boat but a couple are sure ones. Crayfish colored crankbaits trolled in 8-12 feet can be good, but trolling spinners with a 2-3 inch chub works magic. Speed is important and the position of your bait is crucial. 30-40 feet of line out at 1.25 mph will make you a believer of this presentation this time of the year. More walleyes live shallow in the summer than most anglers realize. Try it, you’ll like it.

Ellie caught this nice northern on a Grand Rapids MN area lake while visiting the area.

Northern Pike have been increasingly active of late and the cabbage beds in and around a lake’s surface areas will create lots of options. A bass style spinner bait with a small to medium sucker minnow is one way to trigger pike into biting. Move it quickly in and around clumps of cabbage and the bite can be savage. The action that northern pike provide makes them a very sought after fish.

Ellie caught a nice bass while fishing in the Grand Rapids MN area.

Bass fishing has been excellent and both smallmouth and largemouth have
provided great action and consistent fishing. Many lakes in the Grand Rapids area teaming with both species, with Pokegama, Loon, Rice, Deer, and the backwaters of the Mississippi River have all been great destinations for quality bass fishing.
“The Grand Rapids, MN area has a lot of fishing opportunities with over 1,000 area lakes. It is also a great Minnesota Family Vacation destination. I am proud to call Grand Rapids, MN home, and I look forward to other’s coming to the Grand Rapids MN area to experience the wonderful area that we call home,” shares Neustrom.