Winterize Tips for Fishermen

//Winterize Tips for Fishermen

Winterize Tips for Fishermen

We are now into the late season, open water fishing in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. This week’s fishing tips brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections Guide Service.

The tables are about to turn and Mother Nature is on the verge of throwing a curve at us. Cooler weather is on our doorstep and there is so much to do. The northern ducks are starting to show up and grouse hunters are seeing birds.

Most of the anglers are getting ready to end their open water season and its time to think about what to do for your open water equipment. Your boat should be completely drained of water and dried out. Your outboard motor should be winterized at your local dealer such as Ray’s Sport and Marine and call ahead for they are very busy this time of the year.

Charge all your batteries completely and better yet take them out and store them in doors if possible. Clean off terminals and just put a touch of Vaseline on each terminal. It will protect any corrosion from forming during the winter. Take motor propeller off and check for fishing line that may have accumulated during the season. A bit of maintenance can prevent spending many dollars next season. Strip of all your fishing line off reels and remove spool and apply a thin layer of gun oil to shaft. For a few cents you can have smooth operating fishing reels when you need them.

There still maybe some open water fishing opportunities if the weather changes, but don’t get caught not being ready for winter. It’s just around the corner.

Grand Rapids is a wonderful destination for all year fishing. We will shortly be switching over to ice fishing tips and reports. Make sure to check out our Ice Fishing web page for more information.

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