Fishing In Grand Rapids End of Summer

//Fishing In Grand Rapids End of Summer

Fishing In Grand Rapids End of Summer

This week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report by Tom Neustrom, gives insight into fishing in Grand Rapids at end of the summer. Tom is the owner of professional fishing guide services MN Fishing Connections.

Some of the cool nights of late is reminding us that Fall is coming to the Grand Rapids area and all of Minnesota in the next few weeks.  Walleye fishing has been good on most area lakes and there are differences in bodies of water where the different populations of walleyes are hanging out. On shallower lakes where the oxygen levels are slightly lower and there is little or no thermocline, the shallow weeds and shoreline areas are the better choices especially where there is cabbage weeds associated with where you are chasing walleyes. Darker water is also an important factor especially when you are fishing shallower depths. Pulling spinners at speeds of 1.2 to 1.6 mph is the perfect speed when chasing shallow walleyes.  A medium size chub or shiner is your best bet, but sometimes just a half of a crawler can work excellent. Shallow running crank baits also can trigger fish when other methods fail. This can be extremely effected during evening hours and lower light conditions. Some of the good lakes currently are Bowstring, Big Sand, Big Winnie, and Round Lakes.

Most of the bass species are starting to seek deeper weeds and the outside edges of shoreline structures. Jig Worms, drop shot and chatter baits have also contributed to good bass fishing throughout the area. Some of the good bass lakes are Pokegama, Rice, Loon, Trout, and Big Balsam. Fish quickly on spots until you catch numbers of active fish. When conditions are calm early and late in the day, top water baits of different styles can be very effective. We tend to see the most active fish will be seeking breaklines that are associated with deep water. Make sure when fishing these late summer spots to keep your boat in deeper water and fish the breaks with long casts. As the water cools in early fall and the clarity improves, making long casts will be of benefit. Good bass fishing for both species will be here for several weeks. Get out and enjoy the fall bass fishing. It’s a great time to catch a bass of a lifetime.

Fall fishing is great in Grand Rapids too! There are less people on the lakes, the temperature is cooler and the colors are stunning. Book your fall fishing trip to Grand Rapids today!

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