Fat Tire Biking in Grand Rapids

//Fat Tire Biking in Grand Rapids

Fat Tire Biking in Grand Rapids

Made for Minnesota’s winter, fat tire bikes rubber surface that is twice as wide as standard mountain bikes and a much lower, “squishy” tire pressure. This increased surface area allows better traction and keeps riders from sinking into the snow, mud or sand.

They are a great way for riders of all ages and experience levels to get outside and into nature. From easy riding and sight-seeing to more adventurous mountain biking- fat tire bikes let you explore Northern MN in all terrains and trail conditions.

Beautiful trails are available for the public in the Grand Rapids area. Some of our favorite warm weather fat tire biking trails include:

Legion Trail

This trail is located close proximity to downtown Grand Rapids. It is an all season trail that is lit at night. Portioned of this trail are groomed for cross country skiing, and portions of the trail is designated as a mountain bike/fat tire bike trail. These trails range from easy to advanced.



Tioga Recreation Area

The Tioga Recreation Area is not quite fully created yet, but the local mountain bike club – Grand Rapids and Itasca Mountain Bike Association (GRIMBA) have created trails throughout this 300+ acre area. You can ride in this area, but please note there isn’t designated signage up yet. The 25+ mile track is set to be developed fully in 2018. These trails are intermediate – blazing your own trail.


Forest History Center

The Forest History Center is an environmental learning attraction that has a reenacted 1900’s logging camp. They have designated trails that fat tire bikes can ride. The level of these trails are easy. The ride is among tall pines and sturdy hardwood forest that wind around the Mississippi River.

Joyce Estates

The Joyce Estates is a 4,500 acre tract of land that is managed by the Chippewa National Forest. This land was once owned by the Joyce family. There are still historic buildings remaining on the property, however, use caution when entering the buildings because they are of historic nature. This is a fun place to reminiscence of what time would have been like in the early 1900’s in this location. This area would be considered easy.

Suomi Hills

Suomi hills is located in the Chippewa National Forest. It is accessible off of the Edge of the Wilderness Scenic Byway. This is a remote area that offers rolling hills. These trails are intermediate.

Mt Itasca

Mt Itasca is a winter recreation area that has trails for fat tire biking, cross country skiing. They also have downhill skiing, snowboarding and snowtubing. This is a winter wonderland playground! A great place for all ages. There are trails from easy to advanced.

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