Top 6 Things To Do in The Winter in Grand Rapids!

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Top 6 Things To Do in The Winter in Grand Rapids!

Top 6 Things To Do in The Winter

Lamenting the swan song of fall when the leaves have dropped and the trees are bare? Waiting for snow to arrive so you can play in the beautiful white stuff? Sometimes it seems that there’s no way to play in the woods during the shoulder season, that funny time when the leaves are down but the snow has not yet arrived. But that’s not at all true!

Do Winter Differently

With a little bit of creativity, you can find new (or old) ways to enjoy playing in the woods when you visit Grand Rapids! Here are some ideas to spur your creativity and give you a “shoulder season” vacation that you’ll never forget!

Play in the Woods Now!

Fat Bike

What’s a fat bike, you ask? It’s a great way to enjoy biking ALL year long! The fat tires ensure you don’t slip on the snow. Fat biking is also a great way to get out and enjoy the bike trails even before lots of snow comes our way. You can fat bike on trails when the trails are still dry, muddy, or covered with a little or a lot of snow. We have fat bike rentals in Grand Rapids – check them out here or bring your own bikes.


The beauty of our North Woods is that they never completely lose cover or color. Even after the leaves drop, you can enjoy the peaceful green forest of our conifers. Hiking can be enjoyed ANY time of the year.

Ice Fish

If the lakes are frozen (and the ice depth is safe! Check first with your Grand Rapids lodging proprietors or local experts or natural resource agencies if you’re visiting), you can have a great time ice fishing even if the snow is negligible or nonexistent!

Beat the Tourists

Shoulder season is a great time to have the woods to yourself here. The summer tourists are gone, the kids are back in school – and you have space to play in the woods. Come up and enjoy this secret best time – betwixt and between summer, fall, and the snow!

Plan for the Real Winter!

It’s coming and we all know it. Get ready for the snow! Even if you can’t get up to Grand Rapids during the shoulder season, you can still make plans to book lodging or plan your winter adventure in our pristine and glorious neck of the woods.

Check out lodging options if you plan to visit this winter. It’s never too early to make your plans and secure a beautiful place to stay!
Map out trails: Spontaneity is the spice of life, but sometimes, things don’t happen if we don’t plan them. Take some time to learn where the snowmobile trails go and where you can jump on them. Love to snowshoe? Map out your next trek in the woods, or walk it now until there’s enough snow to ski or snowshoe.

Check out our resources and plan for the winter activities you love the best:

Ice Fishing
Cross Country Skiing
Downhill Skiing or Snowboarding
Fat Tire Biking

The fun never sleeps. The woods, the lakes, the beauty, and Grand Rapids – we’re waiting for you! Don’t let winter, or pre-winter, stop you from envisioning your perfect Grand Rapids vacation! Take time to plan and book your trip now!

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