5 Winter Activities To Enjoy in Grand Rapids, Minnesota

//5 Winter Activities To Enjoy in Grand Rapids, Minnesota

5 Winter Activities To Enjoy in Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Maybe you have never thought of visiting northern Minnesota in the dead of winter. After all, it’s cold and snowy. The holiday decorations in the cozy lodges are down. What’s left? The answer is – there’s actually a lot to do way up north this time of year. Visiting Grand Rapids in the latter part of the winter can mean the best of winter sports and so much more! Here are five of the best winter activities you should check out when you visit Grand Rapids.


We have multiple ski resorts with world-class equipment. The later part of winter offers maximum snowfall and the smoothest ride on the slopes. Stay at one of several resorts that offer ski rental discounts as part of your stay. We carry on traditions of cross-country Nordic skiing, downhill skiing, slalom skiing, and snowboarding. At local resorts, instructors are happy to give refresher courses in the basics or help kids and first-timers on the “bunny hill” for training.


If you fancy a hike around beautiful nature trails and scenes, snowshoes give you traction and the freedom to walk where you please. A truly unique and traditional experience you can find here in Grand Rapids.


If traipsing around on your own two feet isn’t your style, consider a snowmobile as an alternative method of transportation. With the power of an ATV and the versatility of snow traction, you can take the adventure off road into the true wild north. Rentals are available in several locations around Grand Rapids.


Maybe staying up on skis or snowshoes just isn’t your talent. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on the slopes. Inner tubes are a main attraction at several ski slopes. Adults and kids alike can join in on the fun. Even toddlers can zip down on a parent’s lap – the perfect family activity!

Fat Tire Biking

Maybe you have seen the bikes with the oversized tires and heavy tread. They are great for snow traction, and excellent for maneuvering mountain trails (snow or not). Plenty of resorts and equipment rental businesses offer these bikes. Weather permitting, it’s a perfect way to get out and explore the hundreds of miles of northern Minnesota trails.

In addition to all the fantastic snow sports Grand Rapids has to offer, there are several winter events you don’t want to miss. Come in for an event but stick around for a long weekend to experience the resorts, shopping, art, fine dining, and charming downtown area of Grand Rapids. For a town of just over 10,000 people, we pack in a lot of culture, adventure, and talent. If you made a New Year’s resolution to be more adventurous this year, why not kick things off with a vacation to the bold north. After a day in the snow, there is always a friendly face and a hot drink to warm you up. Learn more and plan your trip here.


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