Good Luck Hunters – Safety Tips

//Good Luck Hunters – Safety Tips

Good Luck Hunters – Safety Tips

Tom Neustrom shares his fishing and hunting safety tips.

Winter has arrived with a thump much earlier than normal. The open water season has come to an abrupt end and hopefully everyone got their gear ready and put away for the season.

It will still be awhile before there is any safe ice to fish, but it doesn’t hurt in the weeks ahead to get your ice equipment ready. Many times it’s a great idea to check your portable fish house and make sure some unwanted pets didn’t decide to take up residence. It will save a lot of time and money to check this before ice is on the lakes. Power augers should have their gas drained and new gas filled. Attempt to start in an open area and maybe a new spark plug wouldn’t be a bad idea. Check blades to make sure they are sharp and not pitted. Thinking ahead can make a big difference when you make your first adventure on the ice.

This coming weekend is the 2017 MN Firearms Deer Opener and according to the latest DNR numbers this has the potential to be a record year. One of the most important parts of the deer season also is getting ready. Orange or red clothing is the law and it’s  a very important part of the hunt. Sighting in you rifle prior to the season is also a vital part of the hunt. There are several gun ranges in the Grand Rapids area for sighting in your firearms.

Make sure you tell someone where you are hunting in case you don’t return on time. The sheriff’s office gets numerous calls every deer season of lost hunters. Bring dry matches and a compass to make sure if you have to spend some time in the woods you can build a small fire. Heat packs for your gloves can also be a great addition to your equipment. Most of all good luck to all the area hunters this coming weekend and be safe. It’s a great Minnesota tradition that has been carried on for generations.

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