2019 Minnesota Opening Fishing Report Grand Rapids

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2019 Minnesota Opening Fishing Report Grand Rapids


The 2019 Fishing Opener is now just days away, and Grand Rapids is ready to have you come fish! This week’s Grand Rapids, Minnesota Fishing Opener Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of professional fishing guide service: MN Fishing Connections. This year select Grand Rapids, Minnesota for your Fishing Trip Destination!

Watch this video clip of Tom Neustrom, Grant Prokop and Andy Walls (Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods) highlight their MN Opener Fishing Tips for you. Tom highlights walleyes, Grant highlights panfish and Andy highlights bass.


With cool weather of late, look for the walleyes to be done spawning on the majority of Grand Rapids area lakes. They will be roaming the shallows in search of food and the opener should be very good. A jig and minnow is still going to be your best bet, but stay on the lighter side with a 1/8th pounce or even a 1/16th ounce jig. When the water tends to be cooler for opener it pays to think light and slow down your retrieve.

There should be plenty of bait available, bu call your favorite shop and check on their supply. My first choice on opener is a spot tail shiner with a jig. I also like to use a rainbow chub or fat heads seem to work just as well. When cruising the areas that you want to try first, use your temperature gauge and try to find water that is 3-6 degrees warmer and it can make a difference. Many times the walleye bite will improve as the water begins to warm and the fish are on the move. Many times I have seen where a split shot and a lively minnow will out fish other presentations, so keep that in mind as an alternative.

If you would rather try a leech and a slip bobber, stay on the medium size leech rather than a jumbo. You’ll get more bites and your hooking percentages will improve. Some of the better lakes to try will be Big and Little Cutfoot, Big Winnie, Big Splithand, Round, and Bowstring. Darker water lakes have tendency to warm quicker whereas the walleyes may be more active. Crappies would be a second choice, but on a slow day, they can be a life saver.

What ever species you choose, have a great time and bring your good manners with you. Be safe and make the 2019 Fishing Opener the best ever. Also Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms going fishing this opener.

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