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Bass and Walleyes Biting in Grand Rapids MN 7-10-19

Clients of Tom Neustrom, MN Fishing Connections, Scott and Drew Simpson caught nice walleye on Grand Rapids MN area lake.

Tom Neustrom shares that this week the Bass and Walleye are biting in the Grand Rapids, MN area. The warm weather has definitely been a bonus to fish activity this past week. Most species were biting and many anglers were pleased with their catches and have been talking how great the fishing has been in the Grand Rapids area.

Photo courtesy of Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods.

With the large and smallmouth bass off the their beds, they have appeared to be acting like starving wolves and biting on several lakes. Weed beds have started to reach optimum lengths and that has helped the weed bite especially for largemouth’s. Shallow cover has been especially good around docks and other shoreline structures. Darker water, shaded areas have all blended for a consistent bite on area lakes. Smallmouth have been active on shoreline rock structures associated with deep water. Combine sand grass and scatted rocks and just what good smallmouth water has to attract bait fish and crayfish which are the main diet for good smallmouth bass fishing. Deer, Pokegama, Big Turtle, Trout, and Little Jessie are all good choices for small jaws.

Photo courtesy of Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods.

The walleye fishing continues to be good on area lakes and as the weeds grow slowly due to high water,spinner fisherman are chomping at the bit and know that the time is about right. A small chub or half a crawler on a gold spinner is just what triggers walleyes into biting. Northern Poke and Muskies are also showing their teeth and many area lakes offer chances at both. Spider, Big Cutfoot, Winnie, and North Star are sure bets of seeing and catching trophy fish especially as the water temperatures heat up. Fast moving baits fished over the top of cabbage beds are sure to attract both species. Get out and enjoy the summer fishing that the Grand Rapids area has to offer.