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A State of Gratitude

Gratitude is the state of being thankful and ready to show appreciation. From Visit Grand Rapids we cannot thank our previous visitors, community, local business owners and our future visitors enough for their impact they have had on our community.

To Our Previous Visitors

Thank you for exploring Grand Rapids, MN! We appreciate the time you have spent here, the support you have given our local businesses and telling your friends and family about our unique picturesque town. Even more, we love the pictures we see of our visitors exploring and using the #grandrapidsmn. No matter if you caught a small fish, big fish, relaxing by the lake, biking on the trails or snowmobiling we hope that you cherish these memories and will be able to have these same memories in Grand Rapids again.

To Our Community

You are Itasca Strong and continue to be.  Our community has faced hardship, but still everyday there are so many people doing what they can to make our community better. You are what keeps our business going! By shopping, ordering curbside pickup and sharing social media posts. What makes Grand Rapids so unique is the strength of how we are preserving though COVID-19. This community is the heart of Grand Rapids. Let’s continue to support one another and be Itasca Strong together.

To the Local Business Owners

Our hearts go out to you as this pandemic has created so many new challenges. We also applaud you in adapting and doing your best to create a safe environment for your customers. Each and every business is what makes our community so unique. Keep holding on!

To Our Future Visitors

Grand Rapids has so much to offer. Some call us the outdoor mecca.  We have hiking, biking, Atv/Snowmobile/Side by Side trails, too many lakes to count, snow shoeing, skiing, and fishing almost all year round. Guest have always been welcomed with open arms, but as many people know traveling is not the safest right now. We  look forward to having an abundance of guest once we can get COVID-19 in our state under control. Until then send us an email at and request a visitor guide!

Stay Safe & Healthy

-Visit Grand Rapids





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