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9-23-20 Grand Rapids Fall Fishing Report

Andy Walls

This week’s Grand Rapids Fall Fishing Report brought to you by Andy Walls, Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods. Photo above is of Grant Prokop, Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods, of a nice fall walleye caught on a Grand Rapids, MN area lake.

As fall is setting in and the water temperatures are beginning to drop the bite in the Grand Rapids area has been heating up. Water temperatures seem to be hanging around the 60 to mid 60 degree mark on most all of the area lakes. Panfish, walleye, bass, and even muskie have all been cooperating for anglers the last week.

Bluegill and Crappie both have been sliding out from the shallow water to their wintering holes and adjacent deep weed lines. Jigs and twister tails have been working great both casted and trolled along the deeper weed lines. Moving around at .8 to 1.2 MPH has been very effective for anglers. Most fish have been caught in the 12-18 foot range still, but there have been some reports of fish being pulled closer to 20-25 feet with Jigging Raps and minnows tipped on a plain jig.

The walleye bite has really been heating up, and it seems that the fall bite is in full effect! A jig and a minnow seems to be the go to on all the area lakes, and the fish have been grouped up pretty well. 1/8 and ¼ ounce jigs both have been the go-to depending on how much wind you have, but lately it seems that the lighter jig you can use the more bites you will be getting. 8-14 feet of water has been the key depth range to target active fish, but quite a few days walleye have been caught as shallow as 4 foot of water when the wind is blowing in on the areas you’re fishing.

Bass and pike both have been biting well on the deeper weed edges. The weeds are beginning to die off on most area lakes, so the weed edge will begin to creep shallower day by day in most areas, and the bass and pike both move in with it. 8-14 feet is the main target depth as the water temperatures transition down cooler. Casting and reeling large spinner baits, crank baits, or a spoon all work well to entice these aggressive predators as they bulk up for winter. Finding green weeds with deep water near by seems to be the key in locating these fish as the temps drop.

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